An Introduction to Therapeutic Assessment
10:00 AM - 3:00 PM Central
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Level 1 (Introductory Workshops)
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This two-day, 9-hour workshop is designed for professionals and graduate students interested in learning about the Therapeutic Assessment model developed by Stephen Finn and his colleagues.

Therapeutic Assessment (TA) is a highly individualized and collaborative approach to psychological assessment that often leads to growth for clients. Participants will come to understand the core values of TA and the interpersonal stance that contribute to successful application of the model. Key concepts and theories related to TA will be presented, and common psychological tests used in the model will be introduced. Participants will be exposed to the different steps that are part of the Adult TA model and come to appreciate how to develop questions to be answered through testing, and how to explore test results to build client insight. As the steps of the model are explained, clinical vignettes, including video and test data, will illuminate the application of this approach. Participants will be given some key takeaways about the model and steps they can use to enhance client care.

Setting: Live Virtual
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