When the Body Tells the Story: Understanding Dissociative and Somatic Presentations in Adolescent Assessment
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM Central
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Dissociative and somatic symptoms are common in adolescents even when traumatic experiences are not evident, and yet are often overlooked during psychological assessments. This two-hour workshop is designed for clinicians who are looking to improve their understanding of how to assess for dissociation and somatic distress, understand the role these symptoms play in adolescent and family functioning, and how to discuss these issues with adolescent clients and their caregivers. After an explanation of key concepts and common assessment measures of dissociation and somatization, an adolescent clinical case will be shared. This case will explore how dissociative and somatic symptoms can be addressed in the context of a Therapeutic Assessment, and how to conceptualize these symptoms from a family systems perspective.  Interventions for both treating these symptoms and shifting the family system will be explained. This workshop will help increase understanding of how to work with clients who present with dissociation and somatization, both for those following a traditional model of assessment and those following a collaborative/therapeutic approach.
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