Using the Adult Attachment Projective Picture System (AAP) as a Therapeutic Tool
Half day workshop, TBD
Event Description
Workshop presented at the Society for Personality Assessment annual conference in San Diego, CA. Hear Carol George, Steve Finn, Caroline Lee, and Melissa Lehmann present on how to use the AAP in assessment.  

This workshop will teach participants how to use the AAP as a powerful therapeutic tool in psychological assessments and/or psychotherapy. First, Dr. George will review the research base underlying the AAP and its major scoring categories. Next, Drs. Finn, Lehmann, and Lee will present case examples of when the AAP had a major therapeutic impact on clients via assessment feedback, Extended Inquiries, or Assessment Interventions. Then, in guided role plays, workshop participants will practice specific therapeutic techniques that help clients: 1) understand their attachment experiences, 2) discover how their models of attachment and attachment defenses are related to their problems in living, 3) access dissociated affect states, and 4) begin to grieve and move toward earned secure attachment. Examples of these techniques are: 1) having clients retell their AAP stories using specific instructions, 2) using “enactments” of AAP story characters to create bottom-up learnings and help clients access dissociated affect states, and 3) “re-imagining” what secure attachment experiences might be like. We will also teach techniques for helping clients regulate their emotions and stay within their “window of tolerance.”
Participants with some experience and training in the AAP will get the most out of this workshop, but it is open to all participants. It will be useful to clinicians who not only use the AAP, but also those who use other narrative tests such as the TAT, TCTS, or RAT.

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