Live Therapeutic Assessment Consultation: TA with a Highly Traumatized Client
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM Eastern
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Event Description

In this webinar, Dr. Stephen Finn will conduct a live consultation with Dr. Krista Brittain, who

will be presenting an in-process multi-method collaborative assessment with a severely

traumatized client. Prior to the webinar, attendees will receive brief background information

on the client, copies of the major test materials, and Dr. Brittain’s questions for consultation.

During the webinar Dr. Finn and Dr. Brittain will discuss the assessment, and attendees will

have the chance to offer comments and ask questions. The goals of this webinar are two-fold:

1) to demonstrate the TA model of consultation, and 2) to demonstrate the use of TA with

severely traumatized clients.

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