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Event Name:Millon Theory and Instruments in Collaborative and Therapeutic Assessment




The widely-held understanding of the MCMI-IV and other Millon Inventories is that they are instruments primarily useful in ruling-out categorical personality pathology, yet this is only their most basic application. With some rudimentary understanding of Millons Evolutionary Theory, the instruments lend themselves to considerable clinical enhancements,including, but not limited to, facilitation of collaborative alliance relevant to CTA.

This half-day workshop demonstrates how information from the MCMI-IV, the MACI-II, and other Millon Inventories can inform CTA with information that is useful to both the assessor and the client. Through a precis on applied Millon Evolutionary Theory, live “mock” assessment/intervention demonstrations, and participant-involving case examples,assessors will gain both didactic and “hands-on” experience using theoretical and empirical information gleaned from the assessment material.

The Millon instruments, on their own, provide support in the context of a CTA in two major ways. First, the motivating aimscomponents of the theory (the “evolutionary polarities”) highlight the individual’s central struggles and life orientation alignment, as well as core conflicts in motivation. This information aids the assessor’s efforts in positioning themselves relevant to the client in context with mentalization and understanding difficulties with epistemic trust. Second, this information, when combined with facet-domains (the facet scales and additional structural and functional domains) operationalize this perspective toward treatment options, which can be used as information relevant to both assessment intervention and treatment recommendations in summary sessions and written feedback.

In combination with other instruments, the Millon Inventories hold a unique ground as something of a hybrid-stylemethodology. While technically “objective” instruments, they are best interpreted at a level between more empirically-derived objective measures, such as the Minnesota instruments or the PAI, and performance/projective measures such as the Rorschach. As such, they frequently highlight “gaps” between information gathered from more “pure” objective measures and performance-based tasks. The workshop will demonstrate several examples of the role of the MCMI-IV and other instruments in context with other commonly-used measures, as well as how it may inform other problem-specific assessment instruments.

Participants will be exposed to live demonstrations of interpretation, collaboration, and feedback using the aforementioned theoretical/empirical material. They will also participate in small-group or dyadic exercises using case material provided by the presenters. At the culmination of the workshop, participants will have gained a working sense of utilizing the Millon methodology toward enhanced empathy, more accurate and relevant understanding of the client’s interpersonal/behavioral, intrapsychic, biophysical, and phenomenological functioning, and improved clinical alliance.

Event Date:10/15/2021
Event Time:9am-1pm CST
Location:Virtual Event
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