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Event Name:50 Ways to Do an Assessment Intervention Session!
Event Type(s):Level 1 (Introductory Workshops)




Despite the many examples of AIS in the literature and the writings of Steve Finn and colleagues about the topic (e.g.,Finn, 2007; Tharinger et al., 2009), planning an AIS keeps on being challenging. The challenges of AIS, are multiple. At first one needs to plan properly, then one has to think about the easiest way to get the problem behavior in the room. We also have to keep our own (in)securities in mind. Some years ago a list of published AIS's was put together in the TA Connection(TA Connection, 3-2, 2015), indicating the need for help on this issue. In our daily work with clients, student, colleagues and supervisees it’s a returning topic. It’s the most challenging and exciting part of TA at the same time, we want to do it well and we are frightened about it. In an AIS, collaborative working finds it acme. Our clients, students gave us the opportunity to practice, to learn from all and we found out that if we think out of the (our) box, we can come up with some pretty creative plans that have great benefit in working with our clients. We learned to use our neuropsychological tests in the broadest way possible. But lately we have started working with more non-verbal (creative) techniques to help our(overstructured or over-emotional) clients and their families. Working this way gave us the opportunity to really get into our clients’ shoes. Using unstructured creative sessions showed us the strength of our clients and their systems, their resilience but also their deepest dilemmas of change. It also confronted us with our own Epistemic Trust and insecurities (i.e., Is this really going to work? How far do I want to go out of my comfort zone?, Am I able to ask this from my client? etc.)

In this workshop we want to show you some case-examples of different kinds of non-verbal/creative techniques to plan an AIS with different kind of clients (adults with different kind of problems, adolescents and their family system, and couples).We will show some video material to walk you through the process and discuss all the steps. The focus will be on helping you thinking out of the box in the planning of AI sessions. How can you be loyal to your own anxiety, your own flexibility and go into a meeting with your client. What is needed beforehand. There will be enough time to practice and plan AIS of your own clients.

Event Date:9/16/2021
Event Time:9am-1pm CST
Location:Virtual Event
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