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Event Name:Online Training: Live Therapeutic Assessment with a Young Adult and their Parents
Event Type(s):Level 2 (Intermediate Workshops)
Description:Presented by 
Raja M. David, PsyD, ABPP, LP
Minnesota Center for Collaborative/Therapeutic Assessment
St. Paul, MN
Pamela Schaber, PhD
Therapeutic Assessment Institute & Center for Therapeutic Assessment
Austin, TX
With: Stephen Finn, PhD as consultant and discussant
Therapeutic Assessment Institute & Center for Therapeutic Assessment
Austin, TX
(16.5 CEs)
December 3-5, 2020
This training will occur virtually through Zoom. 
This workshop is designed for Licensed Psychologists and psychology graduate students who are familiar with the Therapeutic Assessment (TA) model developed by Stephen Finn and his colleagues and are looking to build advanced skills.  A young adult client and their parents have agreed to participate in this TA and workshop.  There will be a focus on navigating TAs with young adults, while also working with the family system. It is often helpful to use an adolescent TA model when working with young adults who have not successfully “launched” into adulthood. By working with the adult and their parents, underlying systemic factors are addressed to help the young adult individuate and move toward independence. Additionally, given this TA will be conducted virtually, throughout we will be reviewing strategies for teleassessment.
In this training, there will be a brief review of core concepts related to the TA model. Participants will review background, test data and session videos of a young adult and their parents who have already begun participating in the assessment process. Participants will have the opportunity to work on client and family case conceptualization and assist in the planning of the Family Assessment Intervention Session, which will be conducted live, followed by a discussion of what occurred.  Next, participants will work in small and large groups to help plan the Discussion session including written responses to the clients’ questions. They will observe the Discussion session conducted live, followed by a large group workshop discussion and summary.

Event Date:12/3/2020 - 12/5/2020
Location:Online Training over Zoom
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